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For 31 years, Dr. Michael D. Wong has been committed to providing patients with the best cosmetic and restorative dental care possible. He has gone against the trend of offering an excess of dental practice bells and whistles, instead focusing his efforts and energy on simply giving you the personal attention he believes you deserve. Using the latest in dental technology, Dr. Wong is proud to be your cosmetic and restorative dentist, providing the highest quality procedures and treatments like tooth-colored fillings, crowns, tooth-whitening, bridges, and veneers while keeping your comfort, health, and overall welfare in mind.

If you are in search of a personable, attentive cosmetic or restorative dentist, Dr. Wong would love to hear from you today. Dr. Wong is ready for an opportunity to meet with you for a consultation to answer questions, address concerns, and provide options regarding your way to a magnificent smile. Simply fill in the blank fields and submit the form below to notify the doctor of your questions or interests and how he can reach you. Dr. Wong looks forward to meeting with you!

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